Not Sure what Land Clearing Perth involves?

We answer some common facts about land clearing in Western Australia.

d8-cat-hire-perthWhatever land clearing project that you are considering, it is important to think about the correct methods of having the land area cleared. Throughout history land clearing laws have been passed and strictly implemented across the country as a result of various side effects to land condition such as dryland salinity, deforestation, soil erosion, biodiversity, and even climate change. Before clearing your land be sure you know the laws in relation to the type of vegetation that you are planning on clearing

What exactly is Land  Clearing in Perth?

With strict regulations on vegetation removal, the term of land clearing can now be defined as the responsible method of removing obstacles of trees, stumps, bushes, and even rocks from a areas of land to improve farming operation or to accommodate developments. Land clearing in Western Australia is not simply the removal of trees and other vegetation in an area to make way for other land uses like agriculture or building development, by removing trees and vegetation you could also inadvertently be removing fauna from the native environment.

What are the methods of land clearing in Western Australia?

There are various different ways implemented and each varies according to the type and amount of debris that to be cleaned or removed from the land. You should also know the correct way of managing vegetation whether you need to stack it up, burn it off, mulch it up or spread it out. When it comes to land clearing perth, there are generally three ways.

Manual Clearing

This method of land clearing is sometimes known as hand clearing or slashing as it requires the use of hand tools like axes, slasher hoes, machetes and slashers. While this is considered the safest and the cheapest method to clear your land, it only works well with smaller areas due to the labour involved. It can be very time-consuming and expensive process otherwise.

Mechanical Machine Clearing

This method of land clearing in Perth is generally ideal for larger areas where heavy machines like our CAT D9 bulldozers are used to clear the ground in a short amount of time. A service provider like Perth Land Clearing will have the right equipment for certain areas with rocks as well as machines for pushing over trees and tree stumps, ripping out the root balls and even grinding the stumps out of the ground.

Chemical Spray Clearing

This method is usually employed for soil preparation and planting and mainly used to clear weeds and small plants before a burn off. Sometimes dangerous Chemicals are used, either through chemical spray or aerial chemical sprays to eliminate ground cover such as weeds and to make the soil ready and suitable for planting crops.

Reasons you should seek land clearing services from a professional:

With the dangers associated with larger scale land clearing it is highly recommended that only the right professionals tackle the task. Land clearing service providers will have the right knowledge and skills, and are definitely familiar with the city and local shire codes.You will be very sure that the work will be accomplished in the safest, most efficient manner as their team will be licensed, insured for public liability and workers compensation in case someone is injured and will be equipped with the adequate machinery.